I Miss La

Fashion Designer

Katarina Tasković, CEO, was born on 21.04.1980. She is before all else a mother blessed with two angels, one on earth called Leo, and one in heaven called Klara. Katarina walks through life with the belief that life is a game – if you know how to play, and her biggest playground is the business field. She wants to motivate women to love life, to love themselves and to find beauty in everything they do, especially to find beauty in other women and to support each other. Katarina believes that there is beauty in every person and that we ourselves hold the key of good things in our life, and if we hold the right key – all the doors will be open for great things to come in. With LaMokosh she wants to showcase a woman in her feminine, fragile beauty, but also her strong and powerful side.

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”

Our Story

We find our inspiration in the joy of living, in all enchantresses who have walked this planet, in memory and glory of their life, in the real strength of a woman, in her beauty, magnificence and gifts that all of us have inside — Let the magic begin!

Our concept is about merging modern, avant-garde, seductive, successful, unique women with tradition and crafts that have been with us since the beginning of the world. The story about clothing began with primordial life, with the need to protect ourselves from cold and heat and weather in general, until wardrobe became our first visual guide and identity. Clothing became fashion. Today we make fine, harmonious, unique pieces of clothing from raw wool, where we use wool to knit our coats, hand embroidery on each of our pieces, all packaged in a sophisticated and fairytale manner. Pieces are made for you by our enchantresses and we want you to know, while you bravely walk throughout the city wearing one of our pieces, that all the strength, creativity, beauty, love and work on the pieces were made FOR YOU by WOMEN FROM ALL OVER SERBIA (Dana, Divna, Rada, Vuca, Radmila, Jasmina, Mirjana…) together with our team in studio. For making our pieces we use the finest materials such as cashmere, silk, muslin, leather, silk threads and wool.